Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Let's DANCE!

Hey everyone! Forget the rain, come hoop with us tonight! :) Let's challenge ourselves and keep the hoop off our bodies as much as possible. We'll work on using the hoop as sort of a dance partner. Sound intriguing? It is, see ya tonight, Tuesday April 14, 6pm, Yoga Studio of The Woodlands, $10 per person. I've got the hoops, you bring you! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

no hoop class today, March 31!

Just a quick reminder, no hoop class tonight. I'm performing with my troupe Rocket Girl Burlesque at Avant Garden. See y'all there, or next Tuesday for class. Have a great Easter weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hoop Class Today, Tuesday!!!

6pm, Yoga Studio of The Woodlands!! 
$10 per class, hoops for provided for class use! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

No Hoop Class-St.Patty's Day

Hey hoopers! Just an FYI, no hoop dance class tonight, I'm hosting a show at Avant Garden. See y'all Saturday at Dance Source Houston!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hoop Dance Workshop in downtown Houston!

You asked me for a Saturday hoop class now you're getting it! I'm SO STOKED to announce this TWO HOUR beginner hoop workshop. It's perfect for those who are new to the hoop, or looking to add some new fab moves to your repertoire! We'll start at the beginning with waist hooping, and who knows where we'll end up at the end. But really, there is no end. The hoop is a constant circle :)

Don't have a hoop? NO PROBLEM! I've got the hoops for class use as well as some for sale for home practice. Think hooping is just for kids? Well I'm about to blow your mind. BOOM! 

This class is for students 13 and older. Keep an eye out for kids classes coming soon!

Pay safely below with PayPal to secure your spot now! Can't wait to hoop with you :)

Price: $15 pre pay, $20 at the door

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let's hoop it up!

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means, Hoop dance class tonight!! 6pm, Yoga Studio of The Woodlands, $10 per person! Come exercise like you did as a kid, without even thinking about it :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hula hooping Isn't Just For Kids!

Hey there! I've returned safely from sub zero temps of western New York and can't wait to hoop dance with YOU tonight!!! Class starts at 6pm, Yoga Studio of The Woodlands on Oak Ridge, $10 per person. We'll be working on chest and shoulder hooping, and changing direction of the hoop. Get ready to sweat! I've got the hoops, you bring you :)