Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hoopy Birthday!

Looking to throw your kid a birthday party that's different AND will get them moving? Then a HoopCubed party is perfect for your little one! I come with a hoop for each child to take home and help them decorate them, then teach them a hoop dance class and play games! Contact me for more information, slots are filling quick!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

But how do I flow? Pull out those old line dances!

This is definitely the most asked question I get from my hoop crew. And it's the hardest one to answer. The flow comes when your muscles are so trained to the moves, that you barely even think. It comes when the music is something you really feel instead of just hear. I realize this is NOT the answer anyone wants. Hell, there are times when I can't feel the flow myself. But I've got a little cheat code for ya; LINE DANCING!

Yes, line dancing. The Electric Slide, the Harlem Shuffle, The Footloose, The Freeze. I'm born and raised in southern Louisiana and now live in Houston, so line dancing was ALWAYS a staple at every wedding or school dance. Why? Because if you can memorize a few simple steps, even the most clumsy person can look pro. So why not add your hoop to the mix? It's a great way to move your body even if you're feeling awkward about dancing with the hoop. For some extra cardio, keep it on your waist! Hope this little tip helps, hope to hoop with you soon :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hoopers, your body misses you.

So I hesitate to write this, because I don't want to micromanage anyone's creativity, but what the hell happened to hooping on the body? What happened to dancing IN the hula hoop? When I started this journey 5 years ago next month, I was entranced at the beautiful movement of hoopers like Pamela, Jocelyn, Jacqui, and Rayna. The ability to be so graceful WHILE keeping a hoop off the ground with mostly body movements seemed magical to me. And after much practice, I was able to do the same thing! But now, I watch hoop videos, and hand manipulation is ALL I see. Don't get me wrong, I adore isolations, coin flips, weaves, mandalas, body rolls, etc, but what happened to that being an addition to on body moves? When did it become the only thing people do?

I've been teaching for almost 4 years, and I still start with strengthening the core FIRST, then moving on. Obviously, people don't have to learn the way I teach, or the way I learn, but I really feel so many hoopers are doing themselves a disservice to by standing still, doing moves at break neck speed, and letting the hoop get the praise for being graceful instead of their own bodies.

Is it time for a revolution (see what I did there)? Is it because hoop size has become such an issue that people feel ashamed for using anything over 30 inches, where on body moves can be nearly impossible to learn? Am I just too old school? Let's talk about this (nicely) y'all!

One of the first hoop videos I ever saw. I still love it. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

World Hoop Day, October 3rd, 2015!!!

Hello lovelies!! So as you may or may not know, World Hoop Day is this October, and the Houston hoop community is looking to come together and celebrate! You want in? Well good news, it's as easy as saying "HEY, let's do this!" and learning the choreography. Yes, that word can be frightening, I get it. But the dance is beginner level, and super fun. Check it out below!

To keep up with what Houston is doing (including practices), join our Facebook group for updates! Click HERE!

For more info on the choreography, the music, and tips and tricks, check out http://spinmatsuri.com/whddance/tutorials-for-whd-dance-2015/ ! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5th Tuesday of the month= No Hoop Class

No hoop class in The Woodlands tonight, June 30th, because...

That's right, tonight is SHOW NIGHT at Avant Garden in Houston! I'm hosting Rocket Girl Burlesque's ode to television. Hope to see you there, doors open at 7pm!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dance off the Monday blues...

So beyond ready to hoop tonight. It's been too long! I always find there is a correlation between my funky attitude and how long it's been since I danced. See y'all at Dance Source Houston-The Barn (2201 Preston, Houston TX 77003), 7pm, for hoop dance class! $10 pay online (click here) or $12 drop in (cash only).